Macquarie Respiratory and Sleep

Macquarie Respiratory and Sleep

Macquarie Respiratory and Sleep combines a group of expert consulting specialists with state of the art investigational facilities operating out of Macquarie University Hospital. Eight respiratory physicians and support staff provide expertise covering a wide range of pulmonary pathologies including asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, lung cancer, interstitial and environmental lung diseases, respiratory failure and sleep disorders.

We provide services for both inpatients and outpatients including a modern lung function laboratory and overnight sleep studies both in the hospital and home setting to provide a comprehensive respiratory and sleep service. Macquarie University Hospital has been selected as a center of excellence for advanced interventional bronchoscopic procedures in NSW offering our patients access to the latest advances in this field.

Physician Consultation

Respiratory and Sleep physicians provide consultative services for a range of lung and sleep problems.

Lung Function

The Respiratory Investigation Unit offers comprehensive assessment of lung and muscle strength function.

Maquarie sleep laboratory

Sleep Studies

 The Sleep Unit provides diagnostic and CPAP studies as well as bilevel and mandibular device titration.

Interventional Services

Bronchoscopy offers minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to manage lung disorders.